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URLInject is a program to "inject" the URL (location), title and date of access into HTML documents user is saving from within a web browser. The task is performed automatically, without any additional user interaction. URLInject runs only under MS Windows and supports all major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera) as well as some of the "clone" browsers (Firebird, Firefox, MyIE2 Sleipnir, etc.).

URLInject is particularly useful for online research, where one downloads articles from websites and saves them for further reference. Information inserted into such documents is sufficient to generate full bibliographical reference/citation, e.g. when quoting text in other contexts. URLInject works with text and HTML documents, supports user-defined templates for styling the injected data and is highly configurable.

Once the program is configured and running, the user only has to save a document from the web browser (typically by using the File|Save As command). URLInject automatically detects this, acquires the current location from the browser, and inserts the data into the saved document.

I know of no other software written specifically to perform this task, although some sophisticated content management applications exist that may perform an equivalent function. URLInject was originally written in 1999 and released as Freeware (still available here but no longer supported). This new version has been rewritten from scratch to be more functional and to support all major browsers currently used, hence also the name change from InjectURL to URLInject. The new version is ready for initial beta release.

The SourceForge site holds the binary and source code releases of the current version and earlier releases. For documentation, feature lists, FAQ, screenshots etc., please see the links below or go to the main site at

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